When did you fall asleep? Figure out when your MacBook lid was closed

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You wake up with your face planted in your MacBook. There's saliva all over the keyboard. And you wonder...

image by Aaron Jacobs

"shit. what time did I fall asleep?"

The answer to this often hopeless question is actually right under your nose.

What if you could know when your laptop went to sleep, either because it got bored of waiting for your input, or you slammed the lid in a fit of tired rage?

Well, this is for you!

Download Mac App (.dmg) View on GitHub


Sleep is a little node-webkit application for Mac OS X that lives in your status bar. It was created in an attempt to answer the ancient question of "ugh, when did I fall asleep last night?" by telling you when your MacBook went to sleep, presumably because you closed the lid, or because it was idle for a while. As someone who often finds myself waking up on the couch with my laptop on my chest, lid closed, this is handy for determining whether or not I got enough sleep the night before (increasingly often, the answer is no).

I had a lot of fun building this, and learned a ton about node-webkit (now called nw.js). Take a look at the source if you'd like!


If you get an error saying that this app is from an unknown developer, that's because Apple doesn't trust you to make grown-up decisions yet about what applications you want to run. Just find Sleep app in your Applications folder, right click on it, and click Open.


created by Gordon Zheng / @capable_monkey / /
email: [email protected]